How to *Actually* Become a Product Designer Without the Expensive Bootcamp

This free training will show you how to...

  • Adopt the mindset that separates world-class Product Designers from the average bootcamp grad
  • Go "behind-the-scenes” on a Figma file for an app currently in the App Store to learn how to organize your Product Design work
  • Understand the 5 step framework I use everyday that works PERFECTLY for developing a portfolio piece (you won't find this adaptation anywhere else)
  • Hear how to answer the super common interview question that used to be scary for me... “Tell me About your Design Process
  • Watch the 8 qualities of a portfolio that gets you hired come to life in a near-perfect portfolio (spoiler alert: It’s not the layout or colors or format)
  • Learn the 6 strategies for landing real work when you have no experience


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